On the Issues

Here’s what I propose to do, though this list is not exclusive. We must work towards a stronger, more economically prosperous and diverse Commonwealth for all Virginians. As you can see, I am not interested in engaging in the usual wishy-washy platitudes you will find on other websites. Those are designed to win support through obfuscation.

You deserve to know where I stand. We are not going to meet Virginia’s challenges if we are not willing to have real, frank discussions – and disagreements – about them.

Streamline and Slash Taxes, Cut Red Tape

Make Virginia Great to do Business in Again!

  1. Control Budget Growth and Cut Spending
    1. Cap Budget Growth to rate of Population + Inflation Growth
    2. End all Corporate Welfare and tax breaks for patronage companies
    3. Eliminate underperforming Virginia Economic Development Partnerships
    4. Forensic Audit of every Virginia Government Organization and cut discovered waste
  2. Tax Streamlining and Reduction – Resulting Surpluses from capping Budget Growth and eliminating wasteful spending are used to:
    1. Institute Flat 3% Personal income tax
    2. End BPOL & M&T Tax
    3. Cut corporate income tax to 4% (from 6%)
    4. Eliminate Business Personal Property Tax for businesses under $250,000
    5. Reduce Sales and Use Taxes to match current Corporate rate of 6%
    6. AXE THE (CAR) TAX! Finish the Job!
  3. Cut the Red Tape
    1. For every new regulation enacted, two must be eliminated
    2. Conduct Study of and work to eliminate duplicative county fees
    3. Eliminate useless state regulatory roadblocks (eg. DEQ) which hinder business creation
Change the Way Virginia Does Business

Ending Cronyism & Special Interest Control of Virginia with Blunt Force Trauma

  1. Flagrant Transparency
    1. All Elected Officials must publicly post the top-10 corporate and PAC Donors on the doors of their offices and website
  2. Campaign Finance Reform
    1. Public Utilities and State Contractors cannot donate to political campaigns or lobby
  3. Lobbying Laws 
    1. General Assembly members, Regulatory Agents, and Gov Staff can’t lobby for 5 years
    2. Ban Political subdivisions of the state from using public funds to hire lobbyists (Tom Garrett carried this bill in 2015; Bryce Reeves carrying this bill this year)
  4. Eliminate “Goodie Bag” Job Creation
    1. Eliminate the underperforming Virginia Development Funds
A Freer People

Virginia’s Resurgence As The Home of Liberty

  1. Bolster the Second Amendment
    1. Enact Constitutional Carry
    2. Increase number and strength of reciprocity agreements with other States
  2. Protecting Property Rights, Reining in Eminent Domain
    1. Dominion/other private corporations cannot use eminent domain for private interests
    2. Defend Property Owners with the ‘Bully Pulpit’ of the Governorship against groups like the PEC
  3. Criminal Justice Reform & Supporting Law Enforcement
    1. End Mandatory Minimums for Nonviolent Crimes
    2. Protect Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp from Federal Interference
    3. Impose tougher sentences for sex crimes
  4. Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform
    1. Criminal conviction required before property is confiscated

Unleash Virginia's Youth

Providing The Best Educational Choices and Prospects For Our Future

  1. Improve Public Schools
    1. Reform or Eliminate S.O.L.s
    2. NO COMMON CORE or associated/parallel programs
    3. Reinvestment in K – 3 Literacy Programs
  2. School Choice
    1. Voucher Program/Money Following the Student
    2. Charter Schools
    3. Protect/Improve Homeschooling
      Tebow Bill – Homeschoolers can play sports & use arts programs at the localPublic Schools if their parents are paying tax dollars
  3. Tuition Reform 
    1. Higher Education Tuition Reform – cap tuition increases to inflation growth
  4. Invest in and encourage enrollment in trade schools
A Veteran for Veterans

Making Virginia the Home for Men & Women in Uniform

  1. Create a competitive Veterans Virginia Health Insurance 
  2. Use existing Health infrastructure to fill the gaps of the VA system and reduce redundancy of services
    1. Allow for vouchers/insurance to be used at state facilities
  3. State Income Tax credits for Veterans’ Health Savings Accounts
  4. Create a Virginia-specific Veterans’ Integrated Health Database
Smarter Infrastructure

Practical Private Solutions 

  1. Roads 
    1. Allow for Private Development of Alternative lanes or highways on those major thoroughfares that are the least safe (i.e. I-81, etc.) to improve efficiency and safety
  2. Infrastructure Security Investment
    1. Protect Virginia’s critical infrastructure
Ending Illegal Immigration in Virginia

Restricting Demand Humanely

  1. END Sanctuary Cities in Virginia
    1. Cut Funding to any Sanctuary City
    2. Dissolution of City Charters if Violation Continues
  2. Cut all State Funding for Sanctuary Schools
Protecting Life
  1. I am pro-life
  2. I will sign the 20 week ban
  3. We must protect women’s health by ensuring basic medical standards in abortion clinics