Sen. Petersen Submits Key Piece of Riggleman’s Policy Agenda

Contact: Zachary Werrell Campaign Manager 434.270.6428 Sen. Petersen Submits Key Piece of Riggleman’s Policy Agenda (Afton, VA) –  Senator Chap Petersen has introduced SB 1593 at the last minute which would ban Regulated Monopolies from donating to political campaigns. This is a key proposal Denver Riggleman laid out when he launched […]

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Denver’s AFP Speech Reflects Why I’m a Republican

Denver understands that in business, it isn’t competition that frustrates economic growth, it’s government. Last week, citizen activists and candidates for office descended upon Richmond for rallies, to gather signatures, and to lobby their representatives. There were several highlights of my day. First, Denver Riggleman brought up the fact that […]

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Leahy: Riggleman “Hearkening to Ronald Reagan”

This article originally appeared in the Washington Post. In 2017, Republicans will get a look at a genuine novice: distiller Denver Riggleman, who wants to be the party’s gubernatorial nominee. In an interview with journalist Rick Sincere, Riggleman said he’s running because the General Assembly is in the control of […]

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Denver Riggleman at VCDL Rally in Richmond

Article originally posted at the Washington Post. Denver Riggleman, the newest and least-known GOP candidate, used the gun rally and AFP event to lay out a colorful biography that includes counter-terrorism work for the National Security Agency. He and his wife opened a craft distillery in Nelson County. Riggleman got […]

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